Business Insurance

Business Insurance

Business Insurance should work for your business every day

Business Insurance is important for keeping your business on the go, yet it’s often seen as a low priority.

The business insurance range of covers we can advise you on will allow you to focus on running your business knowing you’re covered for a range of risks.

You can choose from many different cover types to build a customised insurance plan, which can also make it easier if you need to claim.

This Business Insurance excerpt below is mainly from one of the key insurers we deal with.  Your business insurance needs will be unique and we will tailor the best fit scenario to those needs.

Business cover available

Business vehicles

From one vehicle through to large fleets. We can arrange cover for damage to your business vehicles, liability for damage to other vehicles, costs for load recovery and salvage costs as well as some other defence and liability costs. e.g. liability under the Sentencing Amendment Act 2014.

Material damage

Covers loss or damage to your commercial buildings, contents, plant, stock and other assets. Features include cover while your business assets and stock are being transported up to $5,000, theft from locked vehicles, cover for costs incurred to protect your property (e.g. if there is a fire on a neighbouring property).

Business interruption

If a business stops, it fails. We make it our business to keep you going. A Business Insurance Interruption policy covers you for your financial loss if your business is interrupted by:

  • damage at your premises, including interruption of water, power or gas to your business
  • interruption to the supply of goods to your business
  • access to your property being limited or cut off.

Broadform liability

Provides business insurance cover if your business is legally required to pay compensation for personal injury or property damage.

Employers’ liability

Personal injury claims from employees can be costly to your business. This cover is available to protect you from the loss.

Statutory liability

Covers defence costs and the cost of fines and penalties ordered against you by the courts, as a result of unintentional breaches of most laws. There is also cover for reparation ordered under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

Machinery breakdown

We understand that specialist machinery can be a significant investment for your business. This is designed to cover the cost to repair or replace it if it’s damaged as a result of a mechanical or electrical breakdown. If your team can repair it, this business insurance may cover the cost of parts and labour. We’ll also cover transport costs, which can really add up if the parts or machinery need to be sourced overseas.

Personal income

This cover can provide income to you if you’re unable to work as a result of an injury or illness. You can choose different options including monthly benefit and/or lump sum payment.

Employee fraud

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, sometimes employees aren’t honest. This business insurance cover is for money or goods you’ve lost due to the dishonesty of an employee, including temporary employees. This cover also extends to social club property.

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