Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes AREN’T as healthy as you think

Baked potatoes AREN’T as healthy as you think – with 19 teaspoons of sugar (TWICE as much as a can of Coke)

It’s a go-to “healthy” snack, but it turns out the humble spud could be the reason you’re NOT losing weight.  That’s because baked potatoes are packed with sugar – on average 19 teaspoons, that’s more than TWICE the sugar in a can of Coke.

There are 19 lumps of sugar in a baked potato - more than twice the seven lumps in a can of Coke
There are 19 lumps of sugar in a baked potato – more than twice the seven lumps in a can of Coke

Article by The Sun, A News UK Company

Dr Xand van Tulleken, who hosts The Truth About Carbs on BBC One, told The Sun it’s likely to surprise many Brits, who are convinced baked pots are a healthy option.

There’s around 19 teaspoons of sugar in an average jacket spud, he reveals on the show, compared to the seven in a can of Coke.

But he warned, it’s important to take that in context.

“Baked potatoes are still a better choice, than say two slices of white bread, or any processed carbs” he told The Sun. “It still has more fibre, and more nutritional value.”

Simple Swaps to help you shed pounds

DR Xand told The Sun dieters don’t have to ditch all their favourite foods, to lose weight.

Rather, it’s about making simple swaps that can help you shed pounds faster.

As part of his investigations into carbs, he spends time with a GP in Liverpool who’s helped seven patients shed weight.

The dieters were all put on a “smart carb” plan, swapping their regular processed carbs for healthier options.

“I am not easily impressed when it comes to diet stuff like this,” Dr Xand told The Sun.

“But this was really amazing.

“Two weeks without cutting calories, without altering their diets in unsustainable ways, all improved their weight and their diabetes too.

“One patient’s blood sugar levels meant he was almost considered to be in remission from type 2 diabetes.”

The group tried various simple swaps, including:

  • baked potatoes for sweet potatoes
  • white rice for cauliflower rice
  • white bread for rye or wholegrain loaves
  • digestive cheesecake base for nuts
  • regular muffins for courgette muffins

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